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Contact us for a free estimate.  (We're always looking to expand our dedicated team of freelancers as well.)

With our HQ based in New York, we cover all 5 boroughs of NYC, while also servicing the entire USA.  We have also shipped to and from Canada.

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JP Carrier, Inc. is a Brooklyn, NY shipping company operated by Jony Perez and his team of experienced drivers and technicians in the professional theatre industry since 2005.  Jony is also an experienced stagehand, carpenter, and rigger.

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"I have used JP Carrier for years to truck sets, electronics and equipment locally and on national theater tours to Ohio, Texas, Minnesota and as far away as Seattle, Washington. Always on time and always on budget, JP just gets the job done. Best trucking company I have ever had in over 30 years of touring the US and the world. I wish they had an office in Europe.”

Special Events

"I trust JP Carrier to go above and beyond what is expected of a typical trucking company. We use them consistently because I know and trust they can handle any request we make, however difficult. I will never use anyone else in NYC. Period."