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With our HQ based in New York, we cover all 5 boroughs of NYC, while also servicing the entire USA.  We have also shipped to and from Canada.

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JP Carrier, Inc. is a Brooklyn, NY shipping company operated by Jony Perez and his team of experienced drivers and technicians in the professional theatre industry since 2005.  Jony is also an experienced stagehand, carpenter, and rigger.

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"I started working with JP Carrier in the beginning of the business, back in the early 2000s.  Since then, Jony and his team have taken projects all over North America for me.  They are hard workers, handle everything safely, efficiently, and with great care.  I highly recommend JP Carrier to move anything, anywhere!"

Aaron Rosenblum

Manager, Gotye

"We could not be happier to work with JP Carrier. They are quick and efficient in their communication, always on schedule, and so wonderful to work with!"

Elizabeth Moreau

Director of Production and Operations, St. Ann's Warehouse

"I trust JP Carrier to go above and beyond what is expected of a typical trucking company. We use them consistently because I know and trust they can handle any request we make, however difficult. I will never use anyone else in NYC. Period."

Chip Rodgers
Production Manager, New York Theatre Workshop

"JP Carrier has been my preferred NYC and domestic long-haul theatrical hauler for going on 15 years.  I’ve seen this company rise from one small truck to the fleet it is today, and I’m not at all surprised by the growth and longevity Jony and his team have experienced.  Jony has instilled a sense of can-do-it-ness and helpfulness in all of his drivers that is unparalleled.  I hate to admit that I have put JP Carrier in some pretty hairy situations, whether it was suddenly having much more gear to haul than anticipated, or just dropping last minute requests and schedule changes on them.  JP Carrier has always gone the extra mile to make sure that all of my gear gets to point B safely and on time, despite whatever hurdles I put in their way.  I really can’t recommend JP Carrier enough."

Jeremy Lydic
Production Manager, Pomegranate Arts / Lydic Design and Production

"I had to break ties with a long-time shipping company after several unpleasant incidents. JP Carrier was easily able to take on my frequent shipping to all domestic locations at a lower price, with timely delivery and a friendly attitude, and accommodate several last-minute changes beyond our control. Thanks, Jony and David!"

Lauren Parrish
Production Manager, Camille A. Brown & Dancers

"I have used JP Carrier for years to truck sets, electronics and equipment locally and on national theater tours to Ohio, Texas, Minnesota and as far away as Seattle, Washington. Always on time and always on budget, JP just gets the job done. Best trucking company I have ever had in over 30 years of touring the US and the world. I wish they had an office in Europe.”

Jim Findlay
Designer and Production Manager, Collapsable Hole

“Jony Perez is the best mover I have ever used-- and I move a lot! He not only showed up on time, but, most importantly, he really worked when he got here. He went at a quick and efficient pace, and took very good care of my furniture and belongings.  For my last move, I went with another company because they gave me a slightly lower quote than Jony. They were nine hours late, dropped my furniture and boxes, were irritable to work with, and sneakily added charges at the end, even when upfront they had promised no hidden charges. I regret not using Jony this last time and advise anyone to hire Jony if you want a drama-free move with an honest and efficient worker.”


Athena Reich

Musician, Actress, and Teacher

“I have hired Jony to handle theatrical trucking for me for years and have always been thrilled with the results. The cargo is often large and complicated to move and usually has to be moved at odd hours. Jony is not only accommodating and efficient, but his incredibly strong work ethic and ability to problem solve makes difficult transportation problems nearly effortless.”

Paul DiPietro 
Associate Dean, CalArts School of Theater

"JP Carrier is our go-to trucking vendor for everything from small props to construction debris removal and everything in between.  They are consistently available and professional.  Jony and his staff always maintain a good attitude and are very willing to help load and unload cargo when needed.  JP Carrier's truck fleet fits our needs for any given project and the rates are fair and well worth every dollar.  These guys come highly recommended by us. "

Stephen Nguyen
Installation Coordinator, Bard Graduate Center

"The JP Carrier drivers are always friendly, actively helpful, committed to customer satisfaction, and competent, hands-on workers.  Trucks are well equipped and the company’s work is good value for the service provided."

Albert Bergeret

Artistic Director / General Manager, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

“Steeldeck has utilized the services of Jony Perez for a number of years, as a member of our crew and for his transport services.  We have found him reliable, a pleasure to work with and great value for money.”

Gail Moorcroft 
Vice President, Steeldeck NY, Inc.